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Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Keys to Content that Matters, or Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Is your content worth sharing? Maybe that's the wrong question.

In a recent AdAge article, the CEO of Buzzfeed discussed that it takes more than smart people in a room to work out a good content strategy - it takes emotional intelligence.

While the article touches a good topic, this particular discuss is more valuable because of the comments. Paul Dunay, added some simple keys that people often forget:
To make sure your content is seen it must succeed in three primary areas: 1. Provocative enough to "grab" attention and 2. Compelling enough to "hold" attention and 3. Relevant enough to "share". 
That would make the article valuable by itself. The only concept still missing from this discussion the distribution strategy, but alas, creating content and distributing it are two different animals.

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